Sunday, 6 March 2016

Daisy fresh, Pretty fowl T-shirt transfer

Ideally I wanted to iron this onto a onesie (or Babygro as we used to call them), but a small T shirt was all I had in the house. You will get the idea. I have always enjoyed playing with words, so after designing daisies the other day for my wall art project, the phrase "Daisy fresh" came to mind and I do love a chicken, so "Pretty fowl" just had to be made!


Silhouette Cameo or Portrait + computer + printer + iron
Small T shirt or onesie

Use the Text tool to make 2 text boxes, and type the words you want. I used Arial font, and changed the fill colour and lines to a brown. Open up your daisy and hen files from the library. Make sure the daisies are outlined in colour, and adjust the line thickness to 0.5 so that it will print, otherwise your white daisy will appear as just a yellow centre dot against the T shirt! Replicate the daisies and place under the "Daisy fresh" text. Release the compound path of the hen. Make the background shape fill with red, the overlay body fill with black and the wing, eye and feathers can be left empty so the white T shirt shows through. Re-construct the hen and group together. Add some daisies, bring them to the front and decorate the chicken. Group all together. Place each picture beside its phrase and group each pair. Select and make each piece No cut.

Selecting the Daisy fresh piece, make some simple shapes around it and weld them together. If you get some silly little pieces in the centre, Release compound path and delete them so you have a nice smooth outline close to the coloured print area. Do the same for the chicken piece.

Switch on Registration marks as this is a Print and cut. Very important: COPY A MIRROR IMAGE of your work so far, then delete the original and keep the mirrored copy. Arrange your pieces on the work space, within the Registration marks and fit in more copies if wanted. Check to be certain that the only cutting that will happen will be the line surrounding each completed group! Print out your art work on the Printable Heat Transfer material. Remove the sheet from the printer and pop on a carrier sheet. Load into the Silhouette.

From the Cut settings drop down, select Printable Heat Transfer material (light). Set the blade on the machine to 1 as indicated. At the computer, send the file to the Silhouette to cut. Remove from the machine and using the Silhouette hook, peel off the excess white transfer material. This then allows you to cut between each group. 

Place Daisy fresh at the top of the item of clothing. Heat up your iron and follow the directions on the packet. I pop a heat resistant mat on my ironing board, under the T shirt to give a better surface. Iron on the transfer from the paper side, using a silicone sheet for protection, and lift up the paper backing to see if it is ready to come off, whilst leaving the print on the cotton. If it isn't quite ready, simply lay the transfer sheet back and iron some more. Once it is successfully removed, use the silicone paper to give the transfer another pass of the iron, and you are done. The T shirt can be gently washed, but if it is an item that needs a lot of washing, the transfer can deteriorate, so it is actually probably better on a T shirt than a onesie. Personally, I fancy a Pretty Fowl T shirt for myself! If you make something like this, please share with us.

Silhouette file of a chicken by Nic Squirrell #62919
This is my own daisy design. You could use the one by Michelle Renee #42830

Light hold cutting mat for Cameo


  1. It's a super design Hilary and 'punny' too!

  2. Love the play on words Hilary. Made me smile x

    1. Thank goodness Wendy. I wondered if it was verging on bad taste!