Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Free Design of the week - Folk Heart 3D Basket

This week's free file is of a folk inspired basket. The image provided as a guide of the finished product has wood effect sides, but I wanted to "bling" it up a bit to see how different I could make it.


A5 Mirror card in silver and red
Brass coloured paper clips
Glue gun + glue
Optional - ribbon, cellophane wrapping, decoration such as rhinestones and glitter glue

Open the file. The original design was larger than I wanted, so I selected all the pieces and scaled them down to 75%. There are four pieces like a fence. If you want straight sides, keep the bottom two. If you want folded back "petal" bits at the top, keep the top set and delete the others. I decided on the second option. 

I use the colour fill to help me identify what needs to be cut in which colour and decided to use silver and red mirror card. Note that before cutting you need to replicate the polygon shape so that you have 8 pieces. The heart should be replicated so you have 3 pieces. This is to add strength and stability to the pieces.

Put your card stock of choice into your Silhouette. If you want the holes to be slightly larger, for example to take the paper clips, release the compound path of each shape showing a hole. Make the holes larger in exactly the same spot as in the design and then cut the pieces out.

I find using a glue gun quite messy, however it has the advantage of sticking really quickly. Glue four of the polygon shapes together, matching the sides. Glue the other four together. Glue one set underneath the bottom of the basket. Glue the second set to what will become the inside, bottom of the basket. Bend all the perforated lines upwards.

Bend all the perforations on the two fence shaped pieces. Glue the two side pieces together at both ends to make the sides into a cuff shape. Glue the bottom to the sides working around one "arm" at a time, and easing it into place.

Glue the outside bands around the basket, matching the dots. You use 2 strips for each band, and they overlap.

Glue on the contrast half petals to the rim.
If you now discover the holes are too small for your embellishment (as I did), and you failed to alter the design to have larger holes as explained in step 1, now is the time to enlarge the holes very carefully. I used a scalpel and skewer. Ease in the paper clips, opening them up inside so that the long arms are hidden.

Glue the three hearts on top of each other. Glue and attach the medallions. Embellish the heart with thread, glitter glue and rhinestone. Attach the heart to the front. Fill the basket with goodies, and serve!


folk heart 3d basket

Design ID #125189


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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