Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Design of the week - Modern Triangle

I am a bit obsessed with monochrome patterns, so of course I had to try this weeks free pattern! You can do endless things with this pattern, but I decided to make a banner to hang in my daughter's room. 

What you need:

White cardstock paper in A4 size
Black cardstock paper
Twine thread
Double sided sticky tape
BUILD A BANNER SET Design (ID #25737)
WILD + FREE Design (ID #120887)

Prepare & cut your design:

Set your page settings to your current printer. To start working on the banner design, you need to first ungroup the banner design set. Delete the other shapes.

Release compound path, and resize only the banner shape, I made it a bit wider to fit the width of the page. Now select the two holes and position them on each end of the banner. Select the whole design and choose make compound path.

To use the pattern, make sure to save it as a pattern in your Silhouette library.

Select your banner, than go to your library and choose the triangle pattern. 

You might have to adjust the scale of the pattern, so experiment a bit on the fill pattern scale settings till you get the look you want. 

Put your banner design on the side, and work on your text, which I colored black as well. 

Now you need to create an offset around the text, my distance was about 0.350 cm. 

Group the text and offset together, and scale it to fit inside the banner. 

To print and cut this design, you will need to add registration marks. You will need to resize the banner to fit inside the registration marks as well. 

  • Open your cut settings and make sure that you select that it only cuts the banner shape and not the text.

Print and cut your design. 

On a new page, set your page settings to automatic, and copy your banner shape. Do an offset of the shape and choose the edges to be corners instead of round and apply.

With the original banner, choose release compound path, and delete the banner shape, so you only have the two holes on the edges.

Select the whole design and choose make compound path. Now you can cut your design, using your black paper.

Assembling your design:

  • On the black paper, add sticky double sided tape and position your printed banner on top of it.
  • Use your twine thread or any other ribbon, to hang your banner on the wall. 

Look forward to see what you make with this triangle pattern!

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