Friday, 15 April 2016

Glow in the Dark Secret Message Frame

Hello, hello -Karen here with a project I made for my daughter when she retured from Uni for Easter.

I had the idea of making her a frame with a word cloud of her name but with a secret message made using glow in the dark sticker sheets .

STEP 1 - Making your word cloud.
  •  I opened an A4 landscape page and made a word cloud using different fonts, sizes and colours of my daughter's name. Mine was sized to fit into a 10in x 8 in frame. I found it was necessary to keep the colours fairly light or the 'glow' doesn't show through very well when printed. This was very easy to do using the TEXT STYLE window.

STEP 2 - Printing your word cloud.
  • Print onto cream card.
  • I also printed this onto a sheet of glow in the dark stickers.
STEP3 - Cutting your sticker sheet.
  • Open an A4 size page and designed the glow in the dark part of the design and cut it from the glow in the dark sticker sheet that you have printed your word cloud on. I used the Silhouette recommended setting and it cut perfectly. 

STEP 4 - Assembling your secret message.
  • This step takes a little time but is worth the effort.  Peel each piece of printed glow in the dark sticker from your sheet and match the writing on the stickers with the writing on the printed cream card.  I found it easiest to hold the top of the sticker away from the card and match up the bottom before pressing down as this gives you a little 'wiggle room' before the very sticky stickers 'grab' the card. 
  • Once finished put into your frame and stand it in a light source so the 'glow' can be activated.
And there we have it.  A frame with a word cloud  by day and the message 'I love you to the moon and back' by night.

I can't wait for her to come home and see glowing for the first time!






  1. Wham are we going to get some Curio tutorials?

    1. There are some fun Curio tutorials in the pipeline. Subscribe or check back regularly so you don't miss them.

  2. Fab project Karen