Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Design of the Week: Tiered Cake Gift Card Holder

Hey Lovelies, Niki here with this week's Free Design of the Week which is a Tiered Cake Gift Card Holder. Rather than make this cut file into a card, I went slightly off-piste and turned it onto a scrapbook layout, with the place for the gift card containing hidden journaling instead.

I began by re-sizing the entire file as a whole in order to maintain the proportions. I enlarged it until the cake part of the layout filled as much of a 12x12 sheet as possible. As I was going to stick the cake part onto a background paper, I didn't need the back of the card. I therefore trimmed this off using the knife tool.

I then arranged the top tier of the cake so that I could cut all the base parts on one sheet, and I also removed the semi circles that would have held the gift holder in place, and cut off the corners from the bottom tier, again using the knife tool.

I was then able to cut my base. I used a turquoise textured card stock, then assembled the 'cake' onto my background paper. I then stuck a piece of white card over the area where the gift holder should have sat.

I then cut the layers to decorate the cake out of a silver foiled paper, and then cut the scallops from glittered cardstock. My glitter card was extremely thick so I put my settings up as high as they could go, ticked the Double Cut setting and cut. Before unloading the mat from the machine I checked to see if it had cut through but it hadn't, so (still without unloading) I simply set it off cutting again on the same settings and this time it did cut through. I added these pretty glittery scallops to the tiers of my cake.

Now for the fun part - adding my photo and embellishing the layout. I cut the title using SW Par-tay Thyme font and made sure I only stuck it to the top tier of the cake. Where the title goes off the tier, I did not apply any glue as the top tier of the cake needs to be completely separate so it can be pulled up to reveal my journaling. I also cut a couple of shells to add to the theme of my layout. Here is the finished result:

What will you make with this fantastic free file?


Lori Whitlock Tiered Cake Gift Card Holder



  1. What a great alternative use for this file Niki - Beautiful layout too.

  2. Lovely colours and as Janet says, what a great use of the file!