Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Gold Geometric Pen Holder

I love office supplies and I have a bit of OCD when it comes how organised I want my desk to be. I have been looking for a long while for a nice way to store my ever growing collection of sharpie pens. As I couldn't find anything I liked, I made my own! Here's a tutorial of how you can make your own pen holder.

Supplies needed:

White cardstock
Gold spray paint
Silhoutte Cameo/Portrait/Curio

1. Preparing your design:

Add the tea light cover design, as I was using this design as a Pen holder I resized it to fit the whole page (got too many pens!).

Put your cut settings on Chipboard and send to cut.

Now you need to cut the inserts, to make the design strong enough to hold the pens. 
Measuring the sides of the design, you would need two rectangular insert

To make easier to fold, add a striped 2 striped lines with 6 cm gap between them. 

Group and duplicate the design below.

Put settings to cardstock and send to your silhouette to cut.

2. Assembling your design:

Once you've cut your design, remove the design slowly from the mat using your weeding tool to remove any extra bits away. 

As I wanted my pen holder to be gold, I spray painted with gold spray. Waited an hour before I started assembling it.

To assemble the pen holder, you would need strong glue to glue the sides together so it can be able to hold the weight of the pens.

Once you've done with the penholder, after cutting the inserts, glue both inserts together, and insert them inside the pen holder.

Now your pen holder is ready to be used!





  1. Your pen holder turned out beautifully Sara. How many coats of gold spray did you need?

  2. Ohh you can't beat a little gold on your desk and this is perfect.

  3. Thank you all ;), Janet I used two coats.