Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Free Design of the Week - Watermelon

Hello, Karen here with another tutorial using this week's Design Of The Week.  As soon as I saw the cute watermelon shape I was instantly reminded of a layout by Ann Freeman here and decided that it would be perfect to use as part of a Pie Chart layout simliar to Ann's.

You Will Need
Silhouette Cameo/Curio/Portrait
Black Sketch Pen
12 x 12 White Card
Small Piece of Green, Dark Pink, Light Pink and Black Card
Patterned Paper for back filling segments
Free Design Of The Week - Watermelon
Pie Chart Design.

STEP 1 - Making your watermelon segment.

  • Open the pie chart design, ungroup it and removed the circle.  Grouped all the segments and make it 10 inches and centre it to your page I then copied the segment that was 1/4 of the pie chart and removed it. 

  • I then opened the watermelon shape in another window and resized it to 5 ins high. Then pasted the pie chart segment to this page.
  • I rotated the pie chart segment and lined up the two shapes.  You will see that the watermelon is slightly larger than the pie chart segment.  
  • Ungroup your watermelon shapes, select all the pieces and under the 'Object' menu choose convert to path.  If you double click on a shape now you will see little squares which you can drag to the outline of the pie chart segment so that both shapes are the same. If you want to drag a line and it doesn't have a little square click on the line and one will appear. 

  • I added the reshaped watermelon segment to the page.

  • I wanted to add another segment to my pie chart as I thought that the large one was too large. To do this I drew a line from the outside of the segment to the centre, duplicated it and dragged it to where I wanted it.  
  • I then rubbed used the 'Drag Over Shape To Zoom' tool to zoom in on the centre of the pie chart and the rubber tool to remove unwanted lines.  I did the same for the outside of the pie chart. 
  • Draw a circle 10 1/2 ins wide and add this to the page with the pie chart on.  Change the line into a dashed one in the 'Line Style' menu - this is going to be drawn with a silhouette pen.

  • I also decided to add a 'Key' to my pie chart, a cocktail and some journaling.
  • I copied my whole layout design onto another page so that I could have one for cutting and one for sketch pen.  I removed the unwanted parts from each.

  • You are now ready to cut.  Remove the watermelon segment from your page and cut out the pie chart and draw the dotted lines and journaling. 
  • Ungroup the watermelon segment and cut out the individual pieces from your chosen medium. 

STEP 2 - Constructing Your Page

  • Make your watermelon shape and adhere to the empty space on the pie chart.
  • Adhere patterned paper to the back of your empty segments and key squares.

  • Attach your photograph 
  • Make your title and cocktail to finish to the page.



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  1. oh i love this, so fun. i need to have a go c x