Saturday, 11 June 2016

Princess and Pirate Themed Party Favours

Hey there, Niki here with you today with a simple but epic party project. I love throwing themed parties, I really go to town with all the little details, and my Silhouette Cameo is the perfect tool to assist me with this.

This time it was my little girl Sophie's 5th birthday. She is in Reception year at school so this is the first time we've had to invite an entire class, plus all her other friends of course, then add in a few additional siblings and suddenly I had a guest list of 40 children! The theme was Mermaids and Pirates. Becuase I had to make 40 of everything I needed to keep my designs fairly simple.

For the party bags given out at the end, I actually went for little paper lunch box type boxes instead of the usual small plastic party bags. I wanted to put a cupcake in each so that I could hand around birthday cake for dessert at the party and so I didn't have to wrap 40 pieces of cake in a napkin (which is always super squashed and messy by the time they get home anyway) and pack them into those tiny bags. So I put cupcakes in a little cupcake box, pre-party, so all I had to do was hand them out at the end. Perfect. But they were not themed enough just giving them out plain, so I made labels, mounted them on a scalloped circle, added a bit of bakers twine and either a mermaid die-cut (for the girls) or a skull & crossbones die-cut (for the boys). Here they are all ready to be given out:

Again I wanted to make the party run as smoothly as possible, so I opted for pre-packed lunch bags, that I could pack in the morning before the party, rather than go around with trays of food and serve fourty 5 year olds. They each had a lunch bag on their place so they could simply sit down and begin eating when it was time rather than have to wait to be brought food or to help themselves (always a recipe for disaster!) Again these had to be themed, but simple as I had to make forty of them :)

I simply cut out three shells from different coloured card, and tied them to each bag using bakers twine - sounds easy? This took me three days!

Here they are all are, set up and waiting to be eaten!

and finally here's a picture of the birthday girl, who was super happy with her themed party and lovely decorations. Not to mention the cake!

So even though I didn't use any special tricks or do anything particularly complicated, my Cameo totally made the party. These only took me a long time becuase I had to make 40 of everything but it would have taken a lot longer had I not had my Cameo!


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