Sunday, 21 August 2016

how to make large cut outs using the 12 x 24 mat

I've always wanted to make larger shapes than what you can cut on a 12 x 12". So I tried the 12 x 24" to cut this ice cream shape for my daughters birthday. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and get new ideas of what you can use the big mat for!

Supplies needed:

Large cardstock in assorted colors
12 x 24" mat
Silhouette Cameo/Curio/Portrait
Glue or glue sticks

Once I opened the ice cream shape, I assembled it and colored it in the cardstock colors I had.
Resizing it to fit the length of the long mat.

I then made an offset of 0.6 cm around the shape, which will be the background shape I use to glue all the different parts on. 

I removed the ice cream and cut my offset design in cream cardstock.

I then cut the different scoops, cone and cherry, using leftover scraps I had in the colors I needed. 

I then attached each shape using glue dots. 

My daughter loved it and so did the guests! 




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  1. It's a great use of the 12x24 mat Sara, and all your party decor looks fabulous! I love my large mat, but mostly use it for when I am cutting lots of pieces from a3 sheets of card or paper. Hadn't thought of doing this.