Thursday, 25 August 2016

Turning mistakes into layouts!

Turning mistakes into layouts!

Hiiii Caroline here with yes, another layout. But first I have a confessions, I make many many mistakes on my layouts, especially when using the silhouette cameo!

Quite a while ago I made this layout using the stitching technique I shared in this post.

A close up of the feathers...

But what I managed to do was incredibly dim, even for me. When I sent it to make the stitch holes I forgot to change the setting and it actually cut the dream catcher shape out, I did this not once but twice HA!

I now have a little tub where I put all my cut shapes in that I made by mistake or just have left over, I like to grab things from there from time to time and I kept seeing these dream catchers all neglected. Soooooo I finally decided to use them.

This is the original cut file shape...

When I originally cut it I enlarged the shape to fit a 12x12 page and cut it on the textured cardstock setting...

I decided to make another page with those unused 'scraps'. I only wanted to use the feathers so I simply cut them off the dream catcher shape. They were cut from plain white card which I fancied jazzing up a bit, so I grabbed my stamps and found a teeny folk shaped heart and stamped them.

You will see that one of the feathers has a lot of hearts, that was my first attempt and it was a but busy for me so I changed it to the less busy look. ...

 Now it was simply a case of arranging the page. I had a photo that I thought was perfect and a stash of matching scrap papers, and I mean scrap, teeny pieces that I layered up to make an interesting photo mat. See how I have so many shapes and sizes in there, but I loved those papers so much HA!

Here is the layout I created...

When I added the feathers I put them on pop dots which I only added in the centre by the stem part, this allowed me to scruff and curl up the edges with my fingers, it brings them to life a little.

Some more close ups...

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out as these could have just been thrown away, instead they now are the focus of a new page YAY.

I hope you feel inspired to keep hold of those random happy mistakes and use them at a later date.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please leave a comment and share any of your  happy 'mistakes'

'Til next time

C x


Products Used

Light hold cutting mat for Cameo


  1. Caroline, your layouts are beautiful - even the mistakes!

  2. I have a scrap box too. I think we should all have a scrap day once a week to use them!