Saturday, 3 September 2016

Print and Cut Planner Stickers


Caroline here with another tutorial for you, this time with some adorable print and cut planner stickers.

I am such a baby at trying new things, so I have lusted after making these planner stickers for ages but not had the guts; and let me tell you - I feel a bit silly now as it was so simple and pain free. So much so that I thought I must be doing something wrong.

This is the print and cut file I used by one of my fave designers...

Seriously - how gorgeous are they!

What you will need:
  • white sticker paper
  • silhouette portrait or cameo
  • colour printer
How to make them:

If you're like me and just have an A4 printer the first thing you will need to do is to change your page layout, to do this you need to click on the top right of the page, design settings and you can select Portrait, this will resize your page to A4. See below...

Next you need to open the Registration Marks window, again on the top right of the screen, see below...

You will see some grid lines appear like in the picture. Make sure that your chosen design sits within the large corner lines.

Once your page looks like the picture above you are OK to print. I recommend that you set your printer to best quality. I tested different paper options but found that plain paper worked best. Don't forget to change your normal paper for the white sticker paper!! Of course I did that HA!

When it comes out of the printer you will see it has also printed the grid lines like on the screen - that's just how it should be as that's how the silhouette machine knows where to cut.

Go ahead and pop it on to your mat in the same way as in the pictures above.

You will need to change your settings...

Set your blade to 2 in your machine. This will make sure that only the sticky layer is cut through and not the whole sheet.

Here are mine straight from the machine and ready to peel off! 

I use a planner ALL the time - I can't manage without it, but I have to confess I cannot resist sticking pretties in it. At the start of each month I have a page set out that came with the planner and it's a great way to plot my main areas of work that I need to cover.

Here it is with no decoration other than the month alphas...

 Here are the stickers - LOVEEEEE!

 I only used some of them, the rest are clipped in to the front of my planner ready to use throughout the month.

 I only used some of them, the rest are clipped in to the front of my planner ready to use throughout the month.


  1. Great post Caroline. I'm with you and use my planner EVERY day as my memory is awful. I didn't know there were planner stickers in the Silhouette Store and have always made mine with my Cameo. Thanks for sharing

  2. Because Janet shares on Google+ I just found your tutorial. LOVE what you did with the stickers Caroline!