Friday, 9 September 2016

Wedding fan keepsake, with hosts' names, menu, and programme of the day.

Wedding fan programme by Hilary Milne for Silhouette UK

Hi, my name is Hilary, and whilst on holiday in Spain and using my fan to keep cool, I thought I would make a fan card when I came home.  Once I started doing some research, I came across fans being used at weddings and I think this is a fabulous idea as:
  1. It gets a lot of information, neatly and attractively in one place.
  2. It acts as an ice breaker amongst the guests at a table who may not all know one another. 
  3. It can be taken home as a souvenir of the day. 
  4. If the venue is hot it can be used as a fan! 
  5. It is simple to make and can be made to co-ordinate in any way with the wedding theme colours and flowers.

Silhouette Cameo + mat, colour printer
Card - white or coloured
Paper fastener
Scalloped fan by Emilee Stucky #32634
Peony by Donna Downey #30646
Green leaves file (free with Silhouette when bought)
LD Elegance by ScrapnFonts #120593
LD dainty by ScrapnFonts #14118

As this is a Print and cut, switch on the Registration marks . Open the following files from your library: the fan, the Peony and the sprig of leaves. I made the fan piece 13 cm tall. Fill the other shapes with colour and give them a coloured outline (with weight) if you want a contrasting coloured outline to be printed. Select the flowers and leaves and in the cut settings, make them No Cut. I would suggest grouping the flowers that will go around the top, and separately group the flowers at the bottom. As the amount of text varies on each lobe of the fan, it is handy to be able to move them up and down easily. Arrange them as wanted on the first fan piece.

Select the Text tool and write the information you want on the front cover. Make sure the words are also No Cut. Centre the words and space the lines apart as you like. Once you have made the first piece, simply select everything and copy and paste what will be your second "page". Adjust the decoration as needed to fit in all the words.

Repeat as many times as you need. I think that five lobes looks good, as when spread out you get a semi circle of fan. Ideas for other information could be:
  • The names of the wedding party i.e. the top table
  • The Grace being said
  • Menu
  • A note of thanks to all your guests
  • A programme of events with approximate times of cocktails, photo sessions, the band's arrival, a late supper, firework displays etc.!
  • Information on where to upload photos for everyone to see
I managed to get five pieces on one sheet of A4 card. Print out the design. Load it onto the cutting mat. Pop it into your Silhouette machine and adjust the blade to the right depth for your card stock. Select the correct cut settings in the software and send to be cut.

Arrange all the pieces as you want and secure them together with a paper fastener. As the "wings" of the fastener are overly long, simply fold them back on themselves at the back of the fan. I made a tassel from some Baker's twine and used some coordinating embellishments.

I loved making this project and I hope you will find it a useful idea!
Wedding fan programme by Hilary Milne for Silhouette UK




  1. This is a FAN-tastic idea Hilary (sorry, I couldn't help it) and is beautiful too!

  2. Lovely project....I can see this translated to Hen parties and baby showers. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Lovely card thank you for the great tutorial