Sunday, 20 November 2016

3D Peony Wreath

Hi! Bev here with a project that I spotted on the Silhouette store and absolutely fell in love with! It is the 3D Peony Wreath by Jamie Cripps (Jamie Lane Designs).  I have never attempted a wreath papercut design before and as you can tell by the pictures, it isn't a perfect project by me, but it was really enjoyable and I can only get better right?

What you will need:
  • Silhouette Cameo/Portrait
  • Cardstock or Patterned Paper
  • Glue stick
  • Hot Glue Gun or Strong Glue
  • Twine
  • Pencil or straw for rolling the petals
Step One

Choose the patterns of your papers or cardstock sheets and decide which ones you would like to use for which size flowers.  There are two sizes of flower and a leaf design.  I wanted to hang my wreath in my daughters bedroom so I chose lots of pinks and colourful patterns.

Step Two

Import the design into your Silhouette studio and ungroup all of the elements.  You can resize to make smaller or larger flowers, but as this was my first time with a design like this I decided to leave it at the size it imported as.

Working with one group of elements at a time, move the others off of the mat so they do not cut whilst you are working on the first group.  This was very easy to cut, but also a lengthy process, as there were 9 sets of flowers and 1 set of leaves to cut. The great thing about it is that providing you are using the same weight of paper, your cut settings do not change, and you can just unload the paper and reload it one after another.

Cut the flowers, leaves and wreath backing (for this I used thick cardstock and made two of them.  I glued them both together to make a really strong backing for the wreath)

Step Three

Once all of the flowers are cut, you can start to roll the petals in towards the centre of the flower.  Do this using a straw or pencil.  It takes a little time, but once you get into a flow with it, it is actually very theraputic!

Using a glue stick, begin to layer the flower pieces together from smallest to largest, I fanned them out slightly to enhance the effect.

Repeat until all of the peonies are complete.

Step Four

Begin assembling the wreath, and using a hot glue gun, or strong glue, start with the leaves first.  Arrange them on the wreath backing and then do the same with the flowers.

Add some twine to enable it to hang and you are done!

This was a fun and quite relaxing project to complete! You can make them in different colours for different occasions, I plan to make a black and orange one for Halloween and a green and red for Christmas.  You can even theme them to your home decor.  The colour possibilities are endless!

I have really enjoyed sharing with you and look forward to seeing your Peony wreaths and the colours you choose!

Designs Used

3D Peony Wreath by Jamie Lane Designs - Design ID#76911


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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