Saturday, 19 November 2016

Cut & Fold Planes

Hey there Silhouette Fans, Niki here with you today having a play with making a cut & fold file. I wanted to do planes so I grabbed a symetrical plane design from the Silhouette Store and popped it onto my mat in two different sizes.

I then zoomed in so I could see the planes close up. I used the knife tool to draw a straight line right through the middle of each place, effectively cutting them in half.

I then separated out the pieces and spread them out on my layout and copied and pasted a number of extra half-planes.

 Here is my finished cut file which I sent to my Silhouette to cut...

I then folded each plane up and stuck the white background onto a piece of multicoloured patterned paper - the multicolours then showed through the folded planes - I love this effect! I love dimension and texture on my layouts so this little technique is perfect for me, so much fun!

There are two things you must bare in mind when selecting a shape to do this with - it needs to be a solid shape and, it needs to be symetrical. Other than that just have fun with it!

Enjoy cutting and folding :)
Happy scrapping xx

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  1. I love the effect you achieved here Niki and am looking forward to trying it out on some card designs!