Thursday, 22 December 2016

Christmas tshirt - converting card files into vinyl cut files

Hey there, it's Sara. Today I am going to show how you can convert a card file design bought from the Silhouette store into a cut design for clothing.

What you need:
Smooth heat transfer vinyl in pink, red and brown.
Glitter heat transfer vinyl in green, gold, blue, red and purple.
Silhouette Cameo/Portrait/Curio
LW SUGAR FONT Design (ID #56447)


This is how the file is when you open it:

This design is quite easy actually, as its almost laid out for easy cutting and easy to transfer from card design to vinyl design. Only thing you need to delete is the offset design of the tree.

Resize the design so it fits in the centre of the tshirt and cut each part in its correct vinyl colour, using the heat transfer cut settings. 

I cut a couple of small circles of different coloured glitter htv, as I wanted to add a bit more color to the t-shirt.

I also wanted to add some text under the tree. Using the LW SUGAR font, I wrote "Merry Christmas". As I wanted it to be a bit curved, I added a circle that I widened to how curved I wanted the text to be.

Now to get the text to curve, you need to click on the text as if you want to edit it. 
A small symbol on the left side will show up. 

Click on it and drag the text inside the circle. Move it around till your happy with the curve of the text.

Ungroup the text and now you can delete the circle.

Resize the text to fit on the t-shirt and mirror.


Now you can heat press your design, start with the tree and do the circles all the way in the end.

A bright and colourful t-shirt for your child to wear during Christmas!
Since this is my last post before Christmas, I wanted to wish you all a lovely Christmas celebration!





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