Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Stitched Snowflake Background

Hey there, Niki here with you today with my new favourite technique. I love to backfill large shapes to make backgrounds for my layouts, and I also love the effect of hand stitching on my layouts too. This combines the two and is totally my new favourite thing to do!

So I started off by choosing a snowflake, which was a card from the Silhouette Design Store (called Snowflake Card). I ungrouped and deleted everything except the snowflake shape, then re-sized to the size I wanted, and I slightly turned the snowflake. I then cut the design from white card and I kept the outline and the actual snowflake but threw away all the little bits.

I then took another piece of white card and re-cut the same design but this time with a perforated edge. I also selected the outline edge and set that to 'no cut' (can you see that it is greyed out?)

Then it was time to cut the middle bits to 'backfill' my snowflake. I did a few by hand but soon got fed up so arranged the others onto my cutting mat and put little bits of different coloured papers onto the mat and then cut them. They didn't need re-sizing becuase I wasn't going to be sticking them behind the openings of the shape but within the openings.  Once all the bits were cut I stuck them directly on the background - the one cut with the 'perforated edge. Once all stuck in place I then handstitched around the whole design, the 'perforated edge' providing me with the stitching holes :)

Here is the final layout. Once all stitched I added the original outline of my snowflake on top so that my snowflake had a dimensional border. I used foam pads around the edges of the snowflake to give it a bit of a lift.

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed my snowflake!

Designs Used:
Snowflake Card


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