Tuesday, 6 December 2016

String Art Christmas Tree

Hey Silhouette fans, welcome to the 6th Day of Christmas and it's Niki here with a Christmas scrapbook page. One of my favourite things to do is backfill a large shape with lots of different patterned papers. I couldn't find quite what I wanted in the Design Store so set about designing my own cut file. Now, I have to admit that I'm quite lazy when it comes to doing this becuase there are sooooooooooo many designs in the Design Store that usually I figure it's easier to let someone else so the work for me. But I thought I'd give it a go anyway. I don't have the Designer Edition, and I'm not great at desiging my own files in Studio, but I'm pretty good using Microsoft Publisher, so I made myself a black shape in there, fiddled around until I was happy and I was then left with what you see below.

I saved the file as a PNG and then opened it up in Studio. I then treated it like other PNG files and simply traced it to turn it into a cut file. This worked perfectly and  I then cut out my christmas tree. The lines were a little too skinny so I backfilled my shapes using glue rather than raising each shape up on sticky foam pads. I could have re-cut and made the lines fatter using the Offset tool but on this occasion I was happy with a flat Christmas Tree. I used Fancy Pants 'Wish Season' papers to fill the tree and then raised the whole thing up on foam pads and turned it into a layout.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Please feel free to right click and save my Christmas Tree PNG and then trace it yourself to cut out. A little Christmas present from me - Merry Christmas to all xxx


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  1. Lovely layout and colours Niki - thank you for the little Christmas present too.