Tuesday, 3 January 2017

HoHoHo Word Art Background

Hey there Silhouette fans, Niki here with you today creating a word art background. I started off by choosing a file from the Silhouette Design Store 'HoHoHo' and positioned it onto my layout. I re-sized and angled it and popped it right up in the corner.

I then filled the page with it simply by copy & pasting, making sure the whole background was covered.

I then drew a square around the page using the 'draw a rectangle' tool

then ensured everything was selected, and went to the Object menu and selected Modify, then Crop which removed the square and everything outside it, leaving my hohohos perfectly within my background space.

I wanted a square though so I re-drew the square and then cut out my background in white card. I layered it onto red and added in all the little bits (the middles of the 'o' and the top bit from the loop on the 'h' manually (this took a bit of patience lol).

and here is the layout I made with the background:

You could use any word or phrase to create a background like this and you could also make the words smaller so they are more subtle but I wanted my hohohos to be the focal point of my layout so made them big and bold with a deep red behind them to really show them off. I love the end result - what word art background will you make?

Designs used:


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