Thursday, 13 April 2017

Souvenir Glass for a Little One!

Hello again! It's Marie-Clare here with a slightly unusual tutorial. I am very used to being asked for personalised wine and champagne and beer glasses, but sometimes, the little boys and girls of a bridal party need something too. Often, I am asked for a matching item for a baby! Well, here is the perfect thing.

I found these "milk bottles" in a local department store, but similar can be found online and even recycled.

I used sparkle vinyl for this, but any vinyl will do.

Items needed:

Child-friendly glass, cup or mason jar
Adhesive vinyl of any kind - I used sparkly but any colour will do!
Silhouette Cameo
Cutting mat
Design #42838 by Kolette Hall

Step 1

First, open your Silhouette Design Studio and load up a new document. Then, roughly measure the space that you have to work with for your main design. On my bottle I knew that I didn't want it any taller than around 2 inches and it could be as wide as necessary.

I also wanted to add some little star embellishments to go with the design that I had used, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

Step 2

To add the starry embellishments, I right clicked on the design I had chosen - "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" - and selected "Release compound path". I wanted to reuse the little stars that had been positioned in the design. I then clicked and dragged a box over the four little stars, then copied and pasted them beside my design. I made them all a little larger, and duplicated them four times. I want to use these all over my glass as embellishments.

Step 3

Next, I positioned my vinyl on the cutting mat and made sure that my designs fitted onto the scrap piece that I had used. I was lucky enough to have an offcut which measured 12 inches across and 4 inches down, so I had plenty of room. I like using up offcuts!

Step 4

I sent the designs to cut, using the standard vinyl settings, but generally for me this is a blade on a setting of 1, and a speed of 5. I usually put the thickness up a little to around 15 just to be safe with glittery vinyl. I like this because it gives a good clean kiss cut without going right through.

Step 5

I weeded the vinyl and used transfer tape to position my sentiment and then the stars randomly around the glass.

I am so pleased with the finished item, and I hope that the person who asked me for a "baby glass" to match their family's glasses is pleased!

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