Friday, 30 June 2017

"Hand-Lettered" Personalisation!

Hello everyone! Marie-Clare here.

I wanted to make my colleagues a gift, so I combined a Design Store design with some text to make personalised decals for wine glasses, which look like their names have been written by a quill.

Here's how!

You will need:

Silhouette Cameo
Vinyl of your choice
Wine glasses
Design ID #4698

Step 1

Type out the names of the people you would like to make a gift for, using a font which resembles calligraphy or handwriting. Select the name, and weld the letters together. I used the grid to keep my sizing similar.

Step 2

Load the feather design into your design space and duplicate it so that you have one for each name.

Step 3

Resize the feather and position it on the last tail of the final letter of the written name. This will make the name appear to have been "written" by the quill!

Step 4

Select the name and the feather, and using the right click menu, Weld them together.

Step 5

Reposition your designs to fit your vinyl roll. Cut using the standard Vinyl settings, weed and apply your vinyl to your wine glass using transfer tape.

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