Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Holiday Mini-Album

Hello, hello, Karen here with a longer than usual (but worth the effort) tutorial about a holiday album I made for my daughter.  I feel I am very lucky as my daughter and her boyfriend still come on holiday with us even though they are well into their 20's and although she doesn't craft very much herself always appreciates it when I make her a mini album to put special photos in.

I adapted two designs to make this album.

You will need:-

1 piece of 12 x 12 Silhouette chipboard
5 pieces of 12 x 12 card
Patterned paper
Double Sided Tape

STEP 1 - Adapting Your Designs .

  • Open the 3D Pocket Mini Album file and select the pieces I have coloured white.  

  • Delete the other pieces.
  • The covers and outer binding reinforcement are cut from chipboard and the inner binding and outer binding are cut from card.   As I wanted my album to hold 6 x 4 photos I resized the covers to 7 in wide and 5in tall.  On the outer binding and binding reinforcement I only increased the height to 5in and left the width the same and the inner binding width remained the same but I increased the height to 4.3ins.

  • Next I opened the 4 x 6 Mini Pocket Album and copied one of the pages. 
  • This pocket needs to be adapted to fit onto the binding and so I used the Knife Tool to  cut along the dotted line on the left and then deleted the dotted line. I then resized it to 10ins high and 6.75ins wide.

  • You will need five of these pages and it is possible to get two to a 12 x 12 piece of card. 
  • Cut 5 rounded rectangles measuring 4.5in x 6.5in.  Four will fit onto one page and the other one can go on the page with the fifth pocket. These are the inserts for the pockets. 
  • Cut all the pieces from the appropriate material (chipboard or card as indicated).

STEP 2 - Cutting The Patterned Paper

  • You will need to cut 5 pieces to cover the front of your pockets, 10 pieces to cover the back and inside of the pockets. The pieces for the front can be found on the 4 x 6 Mini Pocket Album file.  For the ones to go on the back of the pockets I used the internal offset option (Object menu at top of the screen, Offset) to get the size I needed. 

  • I also cut 4 pieces of paper for the inside and outside of each of my covers I used the method above to determine the size.   Finally I cut two pieces of paper measuring 1.25in wide and 4.25in tall to cover the centre back and inside of the back binding. 

STEP 3 - Constructing Your Album

  •   To construct your album you need to watch this video by Lori Whitlock.  It gives far better instruction that I could.

STEP 4 -  Album Cover

  • There are lots of 'Happy Holidays' titles in the Silhouette Design Shop which are intended for Christmas projects but I like to use them on summer holiday ones. I also added the place and date to a label and embellished it with some flowers and hearts.   
  • Finally fill your album with holiday memories!