Monday, 1 February 2016

Tutorial: Love Bug Valentine Treat Box

To make this box I have used a file from the silhouette store called ladybug hug treat box by Jennifer Rush Design ID #115064

1. make sure the box is the correct size for the material you are using and that it will hold the treats you want to fit in it (re-size all of the elements of the file together)
2. right click and un-group the file this will allow you to cut only the pieces you want in each colour
3. separate the different shapes onto different mats for the different colours by copying and pasting the different elements - do not re-size them at this point as the file needs to be sized with all elements together so they all fit together after they have been cut
4. to find the best setting for my media I use the test cut feature -  you can use the pre set settings for cardstock as a guide
5. cut all of the pieces of your design from your different colours - now you are ready to assemble the box

6. crease along all of the dashed score lines on the main body of the box turn your box over so the inside is facing down and stick the red wings onto the outside of the box

7. glue all 4 tabs onto the sides of the box - I find it easier to hold these with a paper clip or peg while drying

8. while the box is drying, begin to layer up the different parts for the Love Bugs head starting with the bobbles on the antenna and then the eyes - I used a 3D foam tape to add some dimension

9. secure the center strip to the inside of the box, this is where the wings tuck in and will keep your box closed
10. you are now ready to attach the head to the box and stick the little heart to the centre strip of the box - this will hide the little slots where the wings will tuck in

11. you are now ready to add your treats! I have used a little net of chocolate ladybirds to fill mine

hope you enjoyed the tutorial

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