Monday, 22 February 2016

Design Team Introduction :: Janet Packer

Hi,Janet Packer here, living in North East Scotland with my husband and shaggy dog, Beckett. 

I'm a passionate crafter who loves to share my crafting experiences and learn from others. Owning a Silhouette Cameo has kick-started my creativity and I'm happy to write about the things I make and how I go about making them.  
I love to investigate and experiment with new shapes, techniques and materials and like the results to be clean, bright and tactile. Sometimes I design from scratch but frequently combine and pick and choose from Silhouette Design Files to make something unique.  
Until recently, I worked in libraries, leading story times, hosting workshops, and tutoring literacy, Internet and iPad use. Now an empty-nester, I spend my time making and creating just about anything from paper, card, fabric and vinyl. Aside from crafting, I enjoy photography, live music, good food and the lovely Scottish countryside. 

Here are some of my favourite projects I wanted to share with you


  1. Lovely to get to know a bit more about you and see your fabulous work!

  2. Fabulous makes looking forward to seeing your designs.