Friday, 20 July 2018

Quick Baby Gift in Metallic Vinyl

Metallic vinyl on acrylic blank Baby Sign by Janet Packer for Silhouette UK Graphtec GB #acrylic #acrylicblank #vinyl #signvinyl #metallic #metallicvinyl #craftingquine #SilhouetteUK #SilhouetteTips

Hello, Janet here with a quick and easy gift idea using this week's featured product for the Silhouette UK Design Team  - Silhouette Metallic Vinyl. I've applied the vinyl to a blank acrylic shape and added a pretty ribbon, job done (or so I thought, only I'd made a teeny mistake, so job took slightly longer). I'm sharing my mistake/happy accident here and showing how I sorted it super fast!

Metallic vinyl on acrylic blank Baby Sign by Janet Packer for Silhouette UK Graphtec GB #acrylic #acrylicblank #vinyl #signvinyl #metallic #metallicvinyl #craftingquine #SilhouetteUK #SilhouetteTips

Now, time was ticking on this project; I needed a gift for a friend with a new baby for the same afternoon, so time was VERY tight. I knew she wanted a 'do not disturb' type sign to hang on her outside door, so I popped over to the Silhouette Design Store and purchased the Baby Sleeping Door Hanger file by Ginny Nelson (#28287).

The file needed minimal work, just ungrouping to isolate the phrase, and reducing in size to fit an acrylic blank I had to hand (luckily). I cut the phrase from teal coloured Silhouette Metallic Vinyl, which I hadn't used before - it's super shiny and a perfect match for the blue spotty ribbon I'd had in my stash for an age. The recommended settings worked like a dream, it seemed, and I seemed to be  making good time. The problem was, when I lifted the design onto the transfer tape the dots following 'Shhh' and above the 'i' remained attached to the waste and were not going to detach successfully. I'd obviously reduced the design to a smaller size than it was intended to be. In my haste I'd forgotten to cut any extras.

Here is the transferred designs with no dots. As you can see on the piece of vinyl in the picture, I recut a couple of rows of freshly made dots in different sizes, each row with it's own weeding box. It also occurred to me that I might be able to use stars instead, so I added a few rows of them to see what they'd look like. I've linked to a star file at the bottom of this page, but any five-pointed star would do.

Metallic vinyl on acrylic blank Baby Sign by Janet Packer for Silhouette UK Graphtec GB #acrylic #acrylicblank #vinyl #signvinyl #metallic #metallicvinyl #craftingquine #SilhouetteUK #SilhouetteTips

This time around I amended the cut settings, and added an overcut. I added a tick in the box as shown below. This activates the default overcut settings (you can read more about Overcut here).

I lifted one of the rows of stars onto the transfer tape, waste and all, and pulled the waste away after. This is a form of reverse weeding, and very useful, especially for tiny pieces.

Metallic vinyl on acrylic blank Baby Sign by Janet Packer for Silhouette UK Graphtec GB #acrylic #acrylicblank #vinyl #signvinyl #metallic #metallicvinyl #craftingquine #SilhouetteUK #SilhouetteTips

The spacing of the stars was a little wide, so I transferred them to the blank one at a time.

I added the ribbon (no time for a bow) and the gift was finished. There was no time for a pretty gift bag or wrapping paper, just a presentable piece of tissue paper, and my gift and I were ready to go.

Metallic vinyl on acrylic blank Baby Sign by Janet Packer for Silhouette UK Graphtec GB #acrylic #acrylicblank #vinyl #signvinyl #metallic #metallicvinyl #craftingquine #SilhouetteUK #SilhouetteTips

I like my little adaptation to the design, I hope you do too.

Bye for now,

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Metallic vinyl... leaving gift

Welcome back to the UK Silhouette Blog!

Today I am sharing how I used the luscious metallic gold vinyl to make some leaving gifts for a work colleague and for my daughter. It was so simple to cut the designs on the silhouette...

Everyone needs a good send off so I  decorated an ice bucket (this started off life as a brand new waste bin earlier in the day) using the word cheers and the champagne flutes from popfizz 
I really love how it turned out...

Next I personalised some water bottles using yellow daisy font to cut the names...

Obviously I needed to 'wrap' my work colleague's present so I placed it is a gift bag and made a layered tag cutting good luck 

using black card and topping it with the metallic vinyl...

it matches the previous font rather well...

making the gift look more special...

Finally I made a simple good luck card using the same words on a plain black background mounted on kraft...

Overall I found this a fun project, which looks good but was fairly simple to create. I hope this has inspired you to try something new...this was my first time using vinyl!

Have fun


Wednesday, 18 July 2018

FREE Design of the Week - It’s a Wrap with Printable Patterns - 17th July 2018

Make gift wrap with the FREE Tropical Leaves file on your Silhouette. Tutorial by Janet Packer Crafting Quine for GraphtecGB Silhouette UK.

Hello, It’s Janet here using this week’s free file in the Silhouette Design Store - a lovely Tropical Leaf Printable Pattern.

Printable patterns are very versatile, and I’ve chosen to make some sheets of gift wrap for this week’s project. I’ve printed the pattern onto the largest paper that my printer can handle and used it to wrap a special gift. I’ll show you how to set this up in the Silhouette software to prepare it for printing. The actual print options available will differ from printer to printer. I used a large format,  A3+ Inkjet printer, and printed onto A3, 120 gsm, smooth, ultra white document paper. You can use a regular sized printer and join several sheets together if you don't have access to a larger one.

Make gift wrap with the FREE Tropical Leaves file on your Silhouette. Tutorial by Janet Packer Crafting Quine for GraphtecGB Silhouette UK.

STEP 1: Adjust Paper Size in Silhouette Studio

Firstly set your page size to reflect the size of your paper (Page Setup window, Page Size tab, Size). My paper was A3 (297 x 420 mm, approx. 11.7" x 16.5"). If you are using paper of a non-standard size, enter the dimensions in the Width and Height boxes and press Enter. Turn on Show Print Border, and your see the current print page setting for your printer displayed as a grey line.

STEP 2: Adjust Printer Settings

From the top menu change your printer page settings to match your paper (File > Print Page Setup). Select your printer and the new paper size. Select Borderless if your printer has that option and you want the pattern to print right to the edge. The grey line will now be aligned with the paper edge on your virtual mat, and is barely visible.

STEP 3: Prepare the Paper

Using the Drawing Tools, draw a rectangle to match the size of the paper.  Select the rectangle, open the Fill Panel (artist palette icon) and click on the Fill Pattern tab (dotted square). Scan through the pattern thumbnails and select the Tropical Leaf pattern. The rectangle will then be filled with the leaf pattern. Click on the Advanced Options arrow to reveal more options. You can adjust the pattern scale using the Scale Pattern slider. The picture below shows the pattern at 100%.

This picture shows the pattern at 20%, and a grid is now visible, showing the edges of the pattern 'tiles'. There is no visible grid if the pattern is a seamless design, and in other tiled designs the grid can be less obvious. Choose a setting which you find attractive, I chose to print the paper at 100% and 50% to see which I liked the best.

STEP 4: Print the Paper

Send your paper to print (from the top menu, File > Print). The larger scaled paper is on the left, and the smaller one has been used to wrap the parcel.

Make gift wrap with the FREE Tropical Leaves file on your Silhouette. Tutorial by Janet Packer Crafting Quine for GraphtecGB Silhouette UK.

STEP 5: Additional Decoration

I used the decorative elements from the Hawaii Bag by Daniela Moscone (#197821), layered with double-sided adhesive foam tape, and finished them off with drops of pink dimensional paint (Nuvo Crystal Drops).

Make gift wrap with the FREE Tropical Leaves file on your Silhouette. Tutorial by Janet Packer Crafting Quine for GraphtecGB Silhouette UK.

If you haven't printed your own wrapping paper before I urge you to to try it. Imagine the variety of gift wrap you could make (there are currently around 3500 printable patterns available in the Silhouette Design Store).

The Tropical Leaves Pattern (#269750) is available for free until the 23/07/2108, after that it will revert to the regular price.

Bye for now,

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Using Metallic vinyl to add foil decal to cards

Hi everyone. It's Verity here from Pretty Little Button bringing you another project. Today I've created a card using metallic vinyl to add a foil decal. If you love foil but don't have the means to add it to your papercrafts i.e no laser printer, no heat reactive foils, no Curio etc, but wish you could add it, then this is the post for you! There is some great metallic vinyl out there which are easy to cut and have a great shine to them. You probably have several in your stash as we speak. Well, why not add them to your papercraft projects! I went and create a 'Love you' card today, as I had red or green metallic vinyl to choose from. It screamed Christmas at me, but I just can't bring myself round to making anything Christmas related yet, I know many of you already are! So instead I went an made a 'loved' theme card. Yes, Valentine's day is a long way away, but this could be sent at any time of the year to your loved one!

Using Metallic vinyl to add foil decal to cards detail:

To create the stencil, draw a 6.25" square. Next, you need to create an internal offset, this will allow the struts of the stencil to attach to this when we later modify the stencil. 

Following this, you need to draw a thin oblong. You can use the width and heigh measurements boxes to easily alter the size so the oblong measures at 6.125" wide and 0.25 inch tall. 

Using the replicate window, replicate the oblong 11 times. Position, one oblong towards the top of the square, and one towards the bottom of the square. To make sure your oblongs (struts of the stencil) are equally spaced out, highlight all the oblongs so they are selected. Make sure you unselect the squares if they are accidentally highlighted. Next, open the transform window and select vertical spacing. 

To connect the struts to the square to make this a stencil, open the modify window. With all the oblongs and inner square selected (do not select the out square), press the subtract button. 

You struts will have connected and subtracted from the inner square forming the struts of the stencil. Now when this is cut, the inner oblongs will form the open spaces of the stencil. 

This was cut out of the stencil material from Silhouette, I used the settings for stencil material in the programme, however, make sure you do a test cut. These setting worked for my blade and machine this time but your machine could be different, especially your blade so you may need to tweak the settings!

For the vinyl decal, I used a 'Heart' design from the store. I also used another cut file from the store 'Love you' for the sentiment on the card and cut this out 3 times for more depth and dimension. 

To make it easier to work with the vinyl on my card, I first adhered a piece of vinyl large enough for the design, to a piece of white scrap card. I then proceed to cut the hearts out of this vinyl/card piece.  If you decide to do this, don't forget to do a test cut! You have two materials to cut through, so will require for force and a deep blade depth. I happened to have chosen a thick piece of card, and require a very deep blade. But you can easily do this with thinner card, and I would recommend that!

Once I had everything cut out, it was time to assemble the card. I applied grey ink through the stencil onto a white card panel. This was done in a patchy manner as I only wanted this to give texture behind the elements, but no to be the focal point of the card. The hearts were adhered down with glue and before adhering the sentiment down, I covered this in several layers of Platinum embossing powder. This tied in well with the grey of the background but did not detract from the shine of the hearts. 

Finished photos:

If this has inspired you to try this out, please post below. I would love to see it!

Until next time,


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