Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Dyed Eggs - Perfect Easter Morning Project

Hello, hello, Karen here with a super easy but super effective blog post about dying eggs.

As a child I can remember dying eggs for Easter Sunday's breakfast and when out shopping recently saw an egg dying kit and thought - 'I bet I can do something with that' - and I did!

You will need:-
Egg dyes or food colouring
Eggs (obviously)  I hunted high and low for white ones but could only find brown.
Plastic bags, if you are using more than one colour
Silhouette CAMEO®

Step One - Making your stencils
  • I chose this design from the Silhouette Store for my stencil but there are many, many more that would be equally suitable.  Mine was in fact a cut file for an accordion card but I liked it so much decided to adapt it. 
  • First I measured my eggs and surprisingly, they were 6ins in circumference.  I then resized the design and added a small cut line between each of the bottom tulips.  This was so that I could overlap the sections for the bottom curve of the egg. 
  • Next I used the knife tool to remove the small tag on the right of the design. 
  • I then used the knife tool to remove the large tulips as I suspected that once the bunnies were on the egg the curvature of the eggs would mean that they overlapped these tulips.  
  • I resized the large tulips, moved them down so that they overlapped the 'grass' and then used the weld tool to attach them to the rest of the design. 
  • I duplicated them so that I had a column of 4.

  • The final step was to cut them from vinyl.

Step Two - Dying Your Eggs.

  • I applied the vinyl stencils to my eggs, making sure that every edge was firmly stuck to the egg shell.
  • Next I put colouring into four separate bags, with water, and popped an egg into each of the bags, tied the tops firmly and then put them into a saucepan of water and boiled them for 12 minutes.  If you want soft boiled eggs you could always boil them for less.   
  • Once boiled, I run them under cold water and pealed off the vinyl.  I was thrilled with the results as I was a little skeptical that it would work on brown eggs. 
  • I was so pleased with my eggs that I decided to make a little basket to show them off. 



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  1. Fabulous, I love them! Creative Blessings, Tracy x