Thursday, 20 April 2017

Merging Cut Files: Max at 4 Layout

Hey there, Niki here with you today and I'm merging cut files. 
I've started off by typing the number 4 using the 'Fabulous' font. I've also copied it and put the exact same copy over to the right out of sight.

Here I've opened up another cut file called Hatch Square Lace. This particular cut file wasn't grouped together so when I tried to move it, I just picked up one tiny little square, so quickly put tat back in place, highlighted the file and grouped it.

I was then able to re-size the Hatch Square Lace, big enough to fit over my number 4.

I then selected both cut files by dragging a square over both and then selected from the Object menu, Modify then Crop.

This then crops the design and leaves just the number four filled with the pattern.

I have now brought in my copied number four from off screen, and created an outline.

I now have three separate files. I'm cutting the outline and the square hatch number 4 from black cardstock and cut the other piece from patterned paper.

I re-assembled my pieces and turned them into a layout.

I hope you've enjoyed that little tutorial - and will have a go at using the crop tool and merging two cut files together.

Designs used:
Fabulous Font
Hatch Square Lace


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