Friday, 21 April 2017

Pirate themed tags

Hello lovely Silhouette fans!

Maria here with you again with Part 1 of my kids' birthday party decorations! My twins are turning four years old later in May and we are going to be throwing a Pirate themed party. Today I will be showing you the Thank You tags that will be going in the Party Bags.

What you will need:

- Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
- Cardstock (black and white, or any other colours that you may prefer!)
- Glue
- Ribbon or thread


For my project I have used the Pirate Flag file by Amy Robinson (#55855). I originally wanted to use the whole flag in my project, but eventually I changed my mind and only used the skull and bones.

It is obviously way too big for what I want to make, so my next step is to resize the shape to my desired size and then I ungroup it so I can just use the skull and bones.

I have turned the grid on my mat back on, so I can use it as a guide of how big I want my skull and bones. About an inch is perfect.

For my tags I want to put the skull and bones in a circle and then the circle in a scallop. I put everything together to see how it looks, and I am quite happy!

I go ahead and remove the scallop for now putting it on the outside of the mat, and I cut the skull and bones with the circle in black cardstock. I use regular settings for cardstock, but since my skull and bones are a bit small, I slowed down the speed to 3 to make sure that the little bits cut ok.

Once the black skull and bones are cut, I bring the scallop back to my mat. The plan is to put the skull and bones on one side of the scallop and on the other side I am going to use the Silhouette sketch pen to write some text.

I have chosen a font that will work well with the sketch pen, as it is very thin. I type my text to fit inside the scallop and copy and paste the text into all the scallops. I select all the scallops and go to settings and select "no cut", then select the text boxes and select "sketch pen"

After my text has been sketched, without removing the Silhouette mat from the machine, I select the scallops again and change from no cut, to cut edge. And send to cut!

Now I can begin assembling my tags. I glue the negative space of my skull and bones to the other side of my white scallop. I am keeping the rest of the skull and bone for a different project!

Saving them for another project!

Now, I have a little confession to make: I completely forgot to add a hole for my ribbon! It would have made it so much easier, as the hole would have also served as a guide for "the right way up" when glueing the skull and bones to the other side of the text. But, nevermind! I will make sure that I don't forget next time!

I hope you've liked this project, and read you soon!



  1. Love your Pirate goodies - can't wait to see your next pirate party project!