Sunday, 10 December 2017

Stitched Star Tree: Using a Pen Holder

Hey there Silhouette fans, Niki here today with a hack to share with you. I found this very beautiful star tree file in the store and I immediately I wanted to stitch this as a full page in my December Daily album. So I opened it on screen...'s a file that can be cut out as a whole, meaning it had double cut lines. That would be great if I wanted to cut it out, but I wanted to stitch each star with a single line rather than the two lines. I tried my absolute hardest to convert it to a single line but in the end I had to admit defeat and give up 😞😞😞

So instead, I used the Draw a Rectangle tool to draw a box around my tree. I wanted the box to be the exact page size of my December Daily pages (6x8") with the tree in the middle. I then set it to my Silhouette, but loaded a piece of copy paper onto my mat. I also set the tree itself to draw using a pencil in a pen holder, while the rectangle box was cut out. I was then left with a piece of paper, the correct size with the tree drawn on, centred perfectly.

I then was able to use this as a stitching template. I placed the copy paper with the drawn tree over a piece of white cardstock and pierced the wholes for the stitching - just on the points of the star. I then stitched using metallic gold thread and long stitches to make this very beautiful stitched star tree.

In case you dont quite get what I mean, I've made a short video of how I did this which you can view below.

So I guess that today's lesson, is never give up! If you can't get the software to do what you want it to do, then see if you can figure out a way around. I absolutely love the result of this and it looks even better in real life! It's the most stunning page in my December Daily album so far.

Happy scrapping xxx 

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