Thursday, 1 September 2016

Magnetic save the date cards with free calendar file

Hey there, it's Sara. It has been very busy month in my family as we've just had two weddings in one month! I wanted to show you in this tutorial, how you can make your own save the date cards using magnetic sheets and the Silhouette machine.

Supplies needed:
LD CHARMING font (ID #14116)
LW SUGAR font (ID #56447)
Free calendar file


Use the Draw Smooth Freehand tool to make two wavy lines.

Using the rhinestone effect, make the spacing 0.48 and choose the 10ss rhinestones.

Use the same settings for both lines. 

Release Rhinestone and choose a couple of the circles and enlarge them to 20ss rhinestones and 16 ss rhinestones

Then color them in light yellow so it looks like string lights and remove the line color.
Select all the circles and Make Compound Path.

Open the label shapes, ungroup and use only the shaped pictured below.

Resize , copy the label and place it on the side. 
Place the original label where the top part is covered by the string lights. 

And crop your light design. 

Color the copied label in light beige and arrange it behind the light. 

Add the free calendar file.

Ungroup the calendar and remove the date of the event. 

Add the heart shape file and resize it, color it in pink and place it 
where the date of the event should be.

Using the LW SUGAR font and write "Save the date". 
Place it on top of the calendar. 

Using the LD Charming Bold font, write the month and year of the event.

Add the name of the couple in bottom using the LD Charming Bold font.

Add in the end "INVITATION TO FOLLOW" using the LW Sugar font.
Resize it so its smaller than the names.

I like to remove the line colour, so I see how the image will look like once its printed. 

Now you can resize the whole design to fit on Silhouette's magnetic paper. 

Add registration marks and make sure you set the cut settings to cut edge only. 

A lovely save the date cards!





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