Sunday, 18 September 2016

Beautiful Backfilled Butterfly Background

Hello, Karen here with a scrapbook page with 3D butterflies.  After a recent trip to our local zoo and visiting the butterfly house for the first time I wanted to make a page that would compliment the photos I had taken.  I was disappointed not to get any photographs of the butterflies with their wings spread so decided that the next best thing would be a page with beautiful butterflies with spread wings.

You will need:-
Silhoute Cameo
Sketch Pens
12 x 12 card
Small piece of card to cut the bodies from
Silhouette Sketch Pens.
12 x 12 patterned paper

STEP 1 - Designing Your Page
  • Open cut file and under the OBJECT window choose UNGROUP. I then removed the two solid butterfly shapes and also the cut out parts from the butterfly's body.  I grouped all the shapes and rotated it so that it was vertical and resized it to 1.5ins high and duplicated it.

  • On one of my butterflies I used the ERASER TOOL to remove the body. This was so that my butterfly's wings were still attached to the cardstock once I cut them. 

  • I then added two perforated lines so that the wings could be folded up and grouped these with the rest of the butterfly. 

  • Next, I resized my butterfly.
  • I opened a new page and copied and pasted the butterfly I had been working on onto this and aligned it .75 ins from the top and left. 
  • To get the butterflies evenly spaced across the top of my page, in the REPLICATE MENU I used the ROW OF FOUR option and then to get the last butterfly used DUPLICATE RIGHT.  

  • To space them evenly across the top of the page drag the last butterfly so that it is .75 ins from the top and right.  Select all five butterflies and under the ALIGN menu chose SPACE HORIZONTALLY.  

  • I then grouped them and under the REPLICATE MENU chose DUPLICATE BELOW and dragged the bottom row to .75 ins from the bottom. 
  • I ungrouped the top row and selected the first butterfly.  In the REPLICATE MENU I used the COLUMN OF FOUR option and then on the last butterfly DUPLICATE BELOW.  I selected all the butterflies in this column and spaced them evenly using the method above but this time chose SPACE VERTICALLY.  The centre four butterflies were duplicated right and dragged to .75ins from the right of your page.

  • Finally, I added my title using a stencil font. 
  • The next step is to make the bodies for the butterflies.  To do this I used the butterfly I had duplicated earlier in this tutorial and using the KNIFE TOOL separated the wings from the body.

  • I deleted the wings and replicated the body until I had 18 bodies. 

STEP 2 - Adding the Sketch Pen Elements.
  • I opened my border designs, ungrouped them and deleted the unwanted ones.  I then used the release option in the MODIFY window and removed the hearts, resized it to 11.5 ins and under the LINE STYLE WINDOW change the line to a dotted one.  
  • Finally I added my journaling using Hello Sunshine Sketch Font.  
  • I decided to draw a dotted line around where I was going to place my photos

STEP 3 - Making Your Layout
  • This is a two step process - step 1 is drawn with the sketch pen and step 2 is cut after the drawing has been completed.
  • Group all the cut elements and using ctrl X remove them from the page.  Place a sketch pen into the blade holder on your machine and change the settings to Sketch Pen.  Load your card and draw the sketch part of the design.
  • Using ctrl v paste the cut elements back into your design and delete the drawn elements.
  • Replace the sketch pen with the blade and cut the design.
  • All that is left to do is to adhere your page to a piece of patterned paper, fold the wings of your butterflies up, add the bodies and add your photograph(s).
To finish my page I cut two photo mounts and some butterflies in the same coloured card as my butterfly bodies.

There are lots of different ways this method can be used e.g. Christmas trees for a Christmas page, hearts for a romantic page the possibilities are endless.




  1. Thank you for this easy-to-follow tutorial Karen. I don't do scrapbooking, but I'm sure I could use this technique for a greetings card or a piece of wall art - you've inspired me to give it a go!

  2. Lovely page. Great tutorial Thank you

  3. Fabulous! How do you add perforated lines please? C x

    1. Ops! I thought I had explained in my tutorial but realised I hadn't. I drew the line and then, under the LINE STYLE menu at the top of your drawing area (the one with dotted and solid black lines) I changed the line to a perforated one.