Wednesday, 14 September 2016

News from the Design Team

Hello Janet here,

I'm pleased to have this opportunity to post on behalf of the Silhouette UK Design Team today. Since we all joined the Team back in March we have, between us, posted nearly 200 project and tutorials. We love to share our projects and to hear from you, our readers. We do take your comments and suggestions on board and they help us ensure that we are making the projects you want to make, using the products you want to try and covering the topics that you want to read about.

I love reading through the posts and have found them really informative and inspiring so I'm very pleased to be able to bring you a selection of my favourites from the past month or so.


Niki's beautiful rhinestone scrapbook layout with a genius idea for multi-sized stone layouts.

Bling, Bling Gorgeous Rhinestones

Karen's brilliant journaling card stamps made on the Silhouette Mint™

Using the Silhouette Mint™ to Make a Journaling Card

Sara's innovative magnetic Save the Date calendars (with a free calendar to download).

Magnetic Save the Date Cards

Caroline's gorgeous Heart Scrapbook Layout with tips for accurately adding backing papers.

Love You Layout

Bev's magical Tooth Fairy Box , what child wouldn't be enchanted to receive one of these?

Tooth Fairy Box

Nadine's informative post on Vector Graphics - the first in a series of Silhouette Basics posts - watch out for more of these.
Silhouette Basics: What are Vector Graphics?

Hilary's instructional post on using the Arc Tool to make Spirals - I love learning these techniques from our own design guru.

Using the Arc Tool to Make Spirals

From my own posts, I've included my post on looking after your Silhouette mat.

Looking after your Silhouette Mat

You'll notice that some of the posts are informative rather than project based. We've included this type of post because you asked for them. There are more on the way covering subjects such as, blades, SVG files and the various Silhouette software tools, so do look out for them. Please let us know in the comments if there is any another topic you'd like us to cover - between us we have more than two decades of Silhouette experience!

Now, just in case you had forgotten who we are, here are our lovely mug shots with links to our profiles.

Janet Packer

Nadine Muir

Sara Talib

Beverley Edwards

Hilary Milne

Caroline Free

Karen Moss

Niki Rowland

Bye for now,


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    1. Thanks Karen. I had an lovely time reading through the posts again - love learning from you guys!