Monday, 5 September 2016

Sketch Pen Doily Background

Hi Silhouette fans, today I'm showing you how to create a multicoloured background using your sketch pens. First of all I chose four different doilies and arranged them in varing sizes onto my page.

When my design was ready I went into my cut settings and selected the whole lot and clicked 'no cut'. This means that NONE of my doilies would cut or sketch.

I then selected the ones I wanted to draw first - in my chosen first colour. I selected about five, and then clicked 'cut'. This means that only the selected ones would cut - the rest remained greyed out and therefore 'no cut'. I then sent my design to the Silhouette and it drew the selected doiles using the first colour sketch pen I had loaded. DO NOT unload your cutting mat once the first doilies have been drawn. Simple remove the existing sketch pen from the holder and load your second colour.

I then went to select my doilies to sketch but realised that I wouldn't necessarily know from looking at the screen which doilies I had sketched already. So with my original doilies still selected, I changed the line colour so they appeared on screen in a different colour. I then selected the entire design and clicked 'no cut' which deselected all of them. The ones I'd already cut now show in a different colour. I then selected the doilies I wanted to sketch in the next colour, clicked 'cut' and send the design to the Silhouette. I repeated this process with four colours.

Once complete my sketched layout looked like this:

And now for the fun part - building the layout on top of my created background. I loved having all the subtle doilies in the background to work on and I feel that I really created my own patterned paper!

Thanks so much for joining me today, see you next time.
Happy scrapping

Designs Used:
Chevron Doily
Fancy Swirl Doily



  1. Love the ideas,these pens are turning out more useful than you think.i fancy doing white or cream ink pen onto navy soft deep pink.t
    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Niki - this is a much simpler and far more logical way of doing multi coloured sketch designs than I usually do.