Friday, 27 January 2017

A Fontalicious Layout

Hello, hello, Karen here with another layout featuring fonts.  If, like me, you are smoozed by fonts and have lots in your library then this is a way to use lots of them on one layout.

Earlier in the year, I made a design for a cybercrop I was part of, which used lots and lots of different letter stickers to make the title.  I really liked the effect it gave and at the time thought that would be easy, peasy, lemon squeezy to do with the Silhouette.

Step One - Designing Your Block Of Text.

  • I chose some lyrics from a song as my block of text but any phrase or quote will be equally as effective.  It would be really cute to use a quote from a toddler!

  • I typed them out onto my page and then changed the individual words for different fonts. I also changed the orientation of some of the words to give the text block more interest. I then resized it to fit nicely onto my page. 

  • I  decided that I wanted to use different ways of writing the words - sketch pen, sewing, back fill and normal cut words.  
  • The words that I wanted to sew I changed into perforated lines and then added a border and photo space and perforated those too. 

blue = sketch pen, green= cut from card to backfill, black = sewing and red is regular cut.

  • I grouped the words into colours and then removed the ones I wasn't working with. I used my sketch pens first. Next I cut the words to be backfilled and sewn plus the photo spot and the border.  Finally, I cut the words in red from different coloured scraps of card. 
  • The last part of this process was to sew the words and border.
Step Two - The Finishing Touches

  • To finish off my layout I added a glittery lace strip at the top and bottom of the page and a glittery photo mount. 



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