Sunday, 22 January 2017

Make your own Post-it® style notes and magnetic holder

Did you know there is special glue available now that never sticks tight i.e. it is repositionable, and remains like that? This means that we can all make Post-it® style notes to our own design! This is such a useful file!

Silhouette CAMEO®
Printed paper
Card stock
Re-positionable glue e.g. Elmer's Craftbond
Glue gun and Repositionable glue stick
Copier paper
Small pen to pop in the side holder
3D Easel sticky note holder with pen Jamie Cripps #63966

Making the holder box

Once you have downloaded the file, open it in your Silhouette software. Ungroup the parts. The large  piece on the left hand side is to make at the easel stand if you want to have the post it notes on your desk, however I deleted it as I wanted to use magnet on the back to hold my box on the fridge for shopping lists. Here is the layout of the remaining pieces I used.

Cut the pieces I have marked as "solid colour" out of plain coloured cardstock. Place some patterned card on your mat and cut out the pieces on the right hand side as marked above.

Fold and glue the box for the note pad and then construct the pen holder. I used glue and a glue gun for this so that they stuck firmly, and quickly. Stick the patterned paper on as decoration.

If wanted, cut a square of magnet paper to attach to the back.

Making the Post-it® style notes

You will be able to make 6 notes from one A4 sheet of paper. Each sheet needs to be a 7.5 x 7.5 cm square. Choose what images you want to print on them from your library. As I wanted to see the images when the note pad was in the holder, I positioned the images at the top of each page. Here is my layout. Using the dachshund file by Nic Squirrell, Off the Cuff by Digital Pink Ink #66663 and sitting dog

Switch on registration marks. Print out on copier paper and place on your mat. Introduce the paper into the Silhouette CAMEO® and cut on the copier paper settings, ensuring your blade is at the correct depth.

Peel off the notes from the carrier mat and apply the repositionable glue liberally to the top edge. Carefully align the top of one sheet to another. Continue doing this until you have approximately 60 sheets all stuck neatly together. 

I made some of these as small Christmas presents, which included myself! I use them every day as shopping lists and have found them incredibly useful.



  1. Really useful gift idea - and you made them look so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Janet. Your comments are always so encouraging!

  2. What is the name of the special glue please?

    1. Elmer's Repsotionable Craft Bond. It is a stick and easily found online.