Friday, 20 January 2017

Ballerina bag

Hey there, it's Sara. Today I am doing a tutorial for a ballerina gym bag.  On this tutorial I also have brief instructions for how to thicken a font. 
Hope you enjoy the tutorial!

What you need:

Gym bag
Heat transfer vinyl flock
Heat transfer vinyl glitter
Silhouette Cameo/Portrait/Curio
Aubrey font ( ID #122828)


I ungrouped the design and kept the ballerina on the far right, the rest I deleted.

I put the ballerina on the side and started working on the text. 

Once I had the text I wanted, I wanted to make it a bit thicker. 
I added an offset of 0.07 cm. 

And then welded it together. 

Then I added the ballerina and adjusted the size of both designs to how big 
I wanted them on the bag. 

I mirrored the design and split the parts according to their colours.
As this will be cut using the flock heat transfer vinyl, I put the cut settings on Heat transfer vinyl (flocked).

Whats left is to cut the design and heat press it on the bag.

Here's the finished product. 





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