Saturday, 7 January 2017

Christmas Card Book Tutorial



Caroline here again.

Ok so we spent the last few days taking down our Christmas decorations and heaving them back up to the attic until next year, all apart from the Christmas Cards. I always like to keep mine together, one for my memories and two as a reference for writing the cards the following Christmas. So each year I make a little book to store them in. Here is a picture of this years...

 The book is very simple to make - I used the following design from the silhouette store...

 The first thing to do is to get your cards together and measure the largest ones and work out how large you need the cover to be. Then draw an oblong using the simple shapes on the top left.
Once that is done you will need to cut x4 of these out of the silhouette chipboard. Once they are cut glue them on top of each other to form a thicker oblong. Set these to one side.

You will need some paper for on the outside of the cover, and some more for the inside. I chose a pale green/mint paper for the outside of my book and a redish colour for the inside. Cut out two more of the oblongs exactly the same as above, one from each colour. Again stick one on one side and the other on the reverse - set to one side again and that's the back of your book ready.

Now for the front - bring in the pine tree background (or any other shape you prefer) and pop that in the centre of the oblong that you had already created. Again cut x4 of these from chipboard and glue them together. Now you can leave the shape open but I decided to add some polka dot acetate behind the trees, I used cellotape to attach it to the chipboard. Next I took another piece of the pale green/mint colour and cut another piece exactly the same and glued that on the front. Then to cut the piece behind I took another piece of the red and placed that face down on my mat, as I wanted it to match the reverse side of the book. Once that is cut add that to the inside of the book, this also covers up the sticky tape where I added the acetate earlier.

Now to add in any fun embellishments and a title on the front, I love doing that bit!

I used a cropodile punch and popped two holes in the front of the book and then used that as a template to make holes on the back of the book and the card in between. YIKES now looking back what I should have done was use a standard double hole punch and made the holes in each piece of the chipboard before I stuck them together, but I didn't - so if you have a go - please do that and save yourself the need for a cropodile. HA!

I attached the covers and card together using book rings (from any good craft supplier) or you could use some matching ribbon or twine. 

You could also keep your Christmas card list in here too, ready for next year.

So that's it, I hope you have enjoyed it! Here are a whole bunch of close ups for you...

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, I really hope you feel inspired to have a go, it doesn't have to be a Christmas card book, it could be for any occasion.

'Til next time

C x

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Light hold cutting mat for Cameo


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  2. This is awesome!!!  I love the cut file you used to, perfect!  I am in love with that collection you used to embellish with!  I need for it go digitally so I can print it a hundred times over! :D Love your cards to, don't tell me someone sent you a poop emoji Christmas card??! My kids would get a laugh outta that one! Or is it a special Christmas dessert? Rock? lol Great job again Caroline!! -Sarina C (ps. my computer turned your name to Carolyn but would not let me edit it after in my first comment!) :)

    1. Gah it's such a great collection isn't it! Hahahahahahahaha it's a Christmas pudding with a hat on! You did make me laugh HA! Thanks for looking and commenting lovely! C xx