Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Creating prints

Hey there, it's Sara. Today I am doing a tutorial for how you can make your own prints on the Silhouette program.  The program is really easy to use and all you need is a printer and cardstock to have some nice prints to add to a nursery or any room in the house. 

What you need:

First design I wanted to make, was an alphabet print.
First I wrote all the letters,

 Chose the font I wanted, ZP PAPIER MACHE,
 I wanted about 5 letters on each row,
 then I made the gap between each line smaller using the line spacing.
Resized the design to fit the A4 page,
I then ungrouped the design, so I could make the letters a bit more in line with each other. 

Next step was to colour the text,
you'll notice that the "G" has a part that is white, some fonts have that problem. To fix it you can release compound path and the group it together to remove the white part from the letter. 

I chose to have the letters in black and only colour the initial of my daughter's name in a different colour. If you can't find the colour, you can choose the advanced options. 

The design is ready for print out. 

The second print I wanted to make, 
I used this bunny.

First I had to ungroup it, and layer it till it looked like this.

I grouped it together, and then started working on the text, using the LDJ JILLBERISH font. I centred the text as well.

The second print is ready to be printed out.

The last design I wanted to do was a quote that I like.
I used the LDJ JILLBERISH font again. This time I coloured some of the text with pink and the same blue as the first print. 

Now all I needed to do was print them out and tape them in my daughter's room.

Prints that fit well with her colourful room!





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