Saturday, 28 January 2017

Stencil material: Scattered Stars

Niki back with you again today testing out the Silhouette Stencil material. I use a lot of stencils and thought I'd give it a try to make my own using the Stencil material. Silhouette's stencil material is sticky so that you don't get any bleeding under your stencil which is brilliant for using with wet mediums such as spray mists and watercolour paints.

I simply chose a stencil design from the Design Store - Star Stencil by Teresa Collins and opened it up in my software. I re-sized so it was full screen but due to to the orientation of the stencil I couldn't make it square without distorting the stars so I left it in portrait orientation. I then adjusted my blade to the recommended settings for stencil material and cut.

I wanted stars all over my background so started off by applying texture paste through the stencil just in the middle of my background. This left two white strips on either side of the layout, so I simply waited for the texture paste to dry and then applied the stencil again to the two edges. Once dry I then built my layout on top of my beautiful stars background.

The stencil material is easy to work with, was easy to clean and gave me great results - give it a try!

Designs used:
Star Stencil by Teresa Collins


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  1. Thank you it's a very interesting tutorial