Monday, 9 January 2017

Using NEW Metallic Heat Transfer

Janet here with a new product - Silhouette METALLIC Heat Transfer. It is SO pretty!

At the time of writing it is available in Gold, Silver and Mint. This is in addition to Silhouette's existing line of heat transfer materials; smooth, flock, glitter, reflective and printable.

I was super excited to receive this media to try out. Previously the White Glitter Heat Transfer had been my favourite, but Mint Metallic has now replaced it in my affections (for now, anyway)! To try out this new media I decorated a plain black t-shirt with the mint and silver with a few rhinestones for good measure. I made minimal changes to this lovely design by Kollette Hall from the Silhouette Design Store.


Silhouette Metallic Heat Transfer in Mint & Silver
Downloaded Glitter Phrase by Kolette Hall (#152365)
16ss Rhinestones in Aqua, Mint or Clear
Rhinestone Setter


Open the phrase in the Silhouette Design software and resize it to fit your t-shirt.

Ungroup (select, Object > Ungroup) the design and decide on the colours you will be using. Regroup (select, Object > Group) by your chosen colours (mint only, if you are adding rhinestones to the silver stars).

(optional) If adding rhinestones to the stars, it is best to make circular openings in the stars to accommodate the stones so that they can adhere directly on to the t-shirt rather than to the heat transfer material. Ungroup the silver elements and release compound path on the stars (Object > Release Compound Path). If you have the Designer Edition of the software open the Rhinestone Window and select 20ss (one size bigger than the rhinestones) and Single Click. Then just click in the centre of each star to make a circle. If you only have the regular version of the software you can either draw small circles, or type some fullstops in a font like Times Roman which has round fullstops (some have square), making them 2mm across.

When all the stars have a circle, group each star and circle in turn (Object > Group). I like to make each a compound path (Object > Make Compound Path) so that I can see the hole, do one or the other, not both. Then group all the stars and the word Shine together.

Lastly, and most importantly select everything and FLIP YOUR DESIGN (Object > Mirror > Flip Horizontal).

Separate the coloured pieces and draw a weeding box around each. The rectangle in the centre of the silver design has been added so the central piece can be used for another project.


At the time of writing there is no setting for Metallic Heat Transfer in the Silhouette Studio® software, nor on the packaging. With some experimentation I settled on using Blade 5, Speed 5 and Depth 15 with the Autoblade. You will have to adjust to suit your machine, mat and blade and try a test cut first.


The instructions indicate that the media should be cut without a mat, but as I was initially unsure of the settings, I preferred to cut on a mat. The media should be placed shiny, coloured side down with the pearly side upward. It may need some additional assistance to keep it stuck to the mat (I used some painter's tape at each corner).


The first two pictures show what a successful cut looks like on the wrong side and on the right side. The photo gives the impression that the blade has cut all the way through, but in actuality it has only cut to the backing, not through it. You can see from the third picture how easy it is to weed when the settings are correct. If the cut is not deep enough the edges of the vinyl will be ragged and may even tear when you weed it (yes, I did that on my first attempt)!


Remove the excess vinyl by peeling it up from one corner. Then remove the interiors from the letters by bending the vinyl and pulling off the unwanted pieces with your fingers (the weeding tool isn't necessary if you've got your settings right).


Arrange the pieces on the t-shirt, trimming the backing so that there is no overlap. This allows you to apply both colours at the same time. Instructions for applying with an iron are included on the pack which includes the iron setting and duration.  Use a cloth or non-stick sheet between the iron and the vinyl. Peel off the backing once it has cooled slightly. Iron again if any of the design isn't quite stuck. I also recommend turning the t-shirt inside out and pressing again from the reverse side.


Add rhinestones individually using the rhinestone setter. Just turn it on and push the control forward and hold it (so the light is on) for the setter to heat up.  When hot, place a stone in position and gently hold the setter upright, and in contact with the stone until it has stuck (just a few seconds).  Use only a gentle pressure on the stone (ensuring that the adhesive isn't pushed out from under the stone, and so the vinyl won't come in direct contact with the hot tool).

I tried both clear and aqua stones, but I preferred the look of the aqua.

There you are - your t-shirt is ready to wear.

Bye for now,

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