Sunday, 28 May 2017

Repeating Star Borders

Hey there, Niki here today with how to make a repeating star border. I started off by opening a design from the Design Store 'Star Border'.

I then copy and pasted the design so that I had two. I placed them next to each other, overlapping slightly and then I welded the two shapes together so I had one long piece.

I resized the border so that it was just under 12" wide. I then copied and pasted the border so that I had two. The second one I flipped by going to Object, Mirror, Flip horizontally. This mirror images my second border.

I then copied the first border again and pasted so I had three borders altogether. I then cut these from an ombre sheet of paper so I had three borders in the same colour but different shades.

Here is the layout I made with the star borders

I love the repeating border shapes in the Design Store, there's a few different ones and they are easy to create long borders with.

Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping xx 

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