Monday, 14 August 2017

Filling text with design store patterns

Hello Silhouette friends!

It's Maria here with you today with a scrapbook layout.

The photo that I want to scrapbook today is of my kids on a recent trip to Marwell Zoo. They were looking at the site map so attentively that I had to steal a pic. But when it came to scrapbooking it, I realised that I didn't have any Zoo/Animals papers that I could use on my layout. And that's when the Silhouette Design Store's Printable Patterns come in so handy!

I started my design by choosing a suitable font. You want a font that is quite "fat" so your pattern will really show.

Then I realise that I will be using the Print and Cut facility and the white cardstock that I am going to be using is A4, so I go the the Page Set Up tab and change the page size to A4.

I am using A4 cardstock for the Print and Cut, however, I know that I want my letters to be as wide as 12 inches (or as close as I can get). So I resize my letters using the background grid as a guide, and then ungroup them so I can move them on my A4 page.

Your Silhouette Studio should come with a few patterns that you can use. However, I find that these are very basic. Fortunately, you can purchase lots of patterns from the Silhouette Design Store. I applied the "printable pattern" filter and searched for "Zoo" and this very cute zebra design popped up and I knew it was the one!

Once you've paid for it, it will automatically download and it will appear on your "Fill Pattern" tab.

Now it's time to send it to print. Once it's printed, but the cardstock on your mat and load into your Silhouette Machine.

Make sure the cut settings are correct. You may or may not want to offset the lines in your letters and get the Silhouette cut the outerlines, rather than directly on the printed letters. I chose to cut without a border, but it's completely your decision.

I believe that you can upload your own patterns to the Silhouette if you have the Design Edition, but I only have the Basic Edition. However, downloading the patterns from the Store is simple enough!

Here is the layout that I made with the letters:

As you can see, I ended up using a pen to outline the letters, so perhaps cutting them with an offset would have been better! I know for next time!! :) (By the way, my ink is running out on my printer, that's why the colours are a bit washed off, I think. The design is a bit more orange I believe)

I hope you have found this tutorial useful! x


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