Monday, 7 August 2017

Home décor with vinyl and paper

Hello everyone! It's Maria with you today, with a home décor project.

We are currently redoing our living room and there was a bit of wall that is calling for some sort of frame, so I decided to make my own home decoration!

For this project you will need:

- Silhouette Cameo or Portrait
- Silhouette Vinyl
- Thin cardstock
- Patterned paper
- Glue
- Deep box frame


I am starting with the paper flowers and I am using this lovely file from the Silhouette Design Store. When I open it on my Studio, they look quite big to me, however I am not sure how big/small they need to be, so I am going to make a couple to test the size.

I am using thin cardstock for the flowers, probably around 80-100gsm. I know that I need to be able to fold them and get them into shape, so the lighter the cardstock the better.

After folding the first two, I also cut some slightly smaller ones. I quite like the size but I want to have a bit of variety.

For folding them, I've used just used a small paintbrush handle and wrapped from the outside in.

When you remove the paintbrush handle, the cardstock will retain the shape. Add a big blob of glue at the bottom and push down until the rose stays in place.

The next step is choosing a quote for the frame. Because of the shape of my frame (pretty much A4 size) I need a quote that is going to be taller than wider. I choose this funny one from the Silhouette Store.

I bring the design into my mat and make sure that it will fit the dimensions of inside my box frame. 
The décor in my living room is blues/teals plus dark brown furniture, so I am choosing dark brown for my vinyl. I fill the design with my desired colour to help me visualise how it will look like.

Because I am going to stick the vinyl into glass, I need to mirror my image. Silhouette Studio doesn't call it "mirror" anymore, now it's called "flip horizontally". You can find this function by right clicking on your image or on the Replicate menu, under Mirror Horizontally - although you then have to delete the original. 

When you are ready to cut, remember to change the settings from having cut thin cardstock, to the correct settings for vinyl. Since my design is quite intricate too, I have slowed down the speed of the default setting to 3.

And send to cut!

Apply transfer tape once you've finished weeding all the negative space. I needed my husband to help me put the transfer tape onto the glass of the frame. We each held one side of the tape until we felt that it was central to the glass.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and has encouraged you to try it at home!


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