Friday, 11 August 2017

Masculine Birthday Card Using Wood Sheets

Hello, hello, Karen here :0)

Today I am going to show you how I made the Birthday card I gave to my husband recently.  I was racking my brains wondering how to make a suitable masculine card for him as he isn't into football or other sports that feature heavily on cards and I remembered I had some Silhouette wood sheets just begging to be used.

I chose this design but didn't want a flat card, I wanted the front panel to look as though it had been cut from a piece of wood (he is a very talented carpenter amongst other things).
To make the card :-
  • I opened the file and ungrouped the design.
  • Next I used the 'Release Compound Path' option to separate all the elements of the design.
  • I then deleted the large rectangle and perforated line, leaving me with just the cog design, which I then grouped.
  • I drew a 5.5in square and used the centre option, on the transform panel to centre the two pieces of my design. I then resized the whole design to 4.75ins square as the wood sheets are only 5 ins wide. 

  • This was cut 4 times from kraft card and once from a wood sheet. It does take a long while but well worth the wait. 
  • The next step was to carefully glue the kraft panels together so that they perfectly aligned and to add the wood panel to the top.
  • I used the two inch strip that remained at the bottom of my wood sheet to make a sentiment for the inside of the card. I cut this once in wood and twice in kraft. 
There we have it - a very masculine card and I was delighted with how easily and cleanly the wood sheets cut.



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