Saturday, 18 November 2017

Cutting very small font. Point editing.

following on from my last post, as promised here are further details on point editing.
Using the same letter in the same font as before I have made a copy to show how moving the points will affect the shape of your cut line.

Don't forget you need to ungroup letters to edit points.

once again I have used the simplify button as in the previous post to reduce the number of points along my cut path.
if I lay my simplified S over the original there is a loss of definition. This can be seen by dragging the simplified letter over the top of the original.
The blue showing behind the yellow is the original although there isn't a noticeable difference when cutting at a very small size it is nice to keep the original shape of the font.

When the point editing mode is activated, there are a number of options that will appear in the top toolbar.

click on a few of the edit points and watch how different buttons will be active depending on the lines either side of it.

 selecting button 1 will delete whichever point you have selected and move the next point in the path. Button 2 will break the path, anywhere there is a break in the cut path will be displayed as a red circle instead of a square much like a full stop. Button 3 is the corner editor. By selecting this option you can manipulate the lines on either side of any point into two independent curves.when a line is bold it indicates that that line is active and you will be making changes to it.

Button 4 will allow you to create a smooth curve through the point you have selected.You can alter the path either side of the point by clicking and dragging the blue box to a new location. 

Button 5 is the straighten make flat tool in point editing if the button is clicked the active line will automatically become a straight line. 

The next button in line button 6 is the option that allows you to make a curve you can adjust either side of the point by clicking on the blue squares that are active when a point is selected in this mode. 
If at any point you feel that it is necessary to add another point back into the path simply click on the path while in the point editing mode and a new point will be automatical be added you can then edit this new point as you would any of the original points on the path. 

The aim of point editing is to keep the shape but with as few point along the way as posable. 
Please have a practice moving the points around using this method. I always make myself a copy of my shape before I start point editing to ensure I have something to refer back to. Taking a little time to carry out this point editing will ensure you get the best cut possible. Remember if you don't like what you've just done simply press the undo button! 

Happy Crafting 

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