Monday, 1 August 2016

Backing Cut Files - Love You Layout

Backing Cut Files - Love you layout

Hiiii Caroline here with a post sharing how I back my cut files with patterned papers.
It's one of my most favourite ways to create a page, finding a beautiful shape and then using up scrap paper from my stash. Here is the layout...

Here is the shape that I used...

Don't you just love that shape???

The first thing that I did was to make the heart larger as I wanted it to take up almost the whole page...

Then I sent it to cut on the textured card stock setting...

Now for the fun part.

I prefer to leave the cut out pieces that fill the heart stuck on the mat. This allows me to remember where all the pieces should fit back in.


Then I take each piece off the mat as I need them. The simplest and fastest way that I have found is to use the shape, place it on the piece of patterned paper that you want to use and just cut around it, leaving a gap so you have an edge to stick on to the heart...

Then flip over the heart and add glue around the edge of where you would like that patterned paper to go and stick it on...

Just keep on cutting pretty papers and adding them to your heart. For the centre section I wanted to create a pocket with sequins in. I roughly cut a piece of vellum to go over it and stuck it on to the back of the heart...

 I added some dimensional foam to the edge of the diamond shape at the centre so that it wouldn't be seen from the front, this was to make sure that the sequins had somewhere to sit and didn't escape. To add the sequins I just placed them on the green backing paper and then stuck the heart over the top. 

It's so simple but it shows how one cut file can really pack a punch with the added bonus of using up scraps of paper that you can't bear to throw in the bin!

Here are some close ups of the layout where I added a small photo and some embellishments...

I hope you find this useful, I wanted to share a quick and easy way to make those cut files work for you! 

'Til next time

C x

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  1. Beautiful layout Caroline. Thank you for sharing your method - I'm thinking this technique could be used to make some great greeting cards too. x

  2. I love this, and the shaker sequins in the centre is genius!

  3. Oh My Word. This is absolutely gorgeous and I am soooooooo going to scrap lift it!