Monday, 29 August 2016

Bling Bling - Gorgeous Rhinestones

Lets talk Rhinestones. I LOVE a bit of bling and the rhinestone star design really appealed to me - I think becuase of the burst effect and that a lot of the holes were random rather than in straight lines. I cut this design onto a piece of white card. I then backed the holes with a piece of black card becuase I didn't have the largest rhinestones and I wanted some of the black to show through on those larger holes.

The design came up with a warning about not re-sizing. This is becuase the holes are set to be the exact size of the rhinestones so re-sizing would mess that up. I moved the design to where I wanted it on my background and ungrouped then removed the words of warning.

Then I spend a few hours setting all the rhinestones. I didn't have any of the big ones, so just used the medium ones in the large holes and some of the black therefore showed through which I wanted and I absolutely LOVE the effect!

Just gorgeous, I'll be getting my Rhinestone Setter out much more often now!

Happy scrapping xx 

Designs Used:
Star Inverted Rhinestones


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  1. Great idea Niki to use rhinestones on a scrapbook page