Sunday, 7 August 2016

Quick Make - Vinyl Kids Car Kits

Hi! Bev here with a quick make project, an idea which was sparked by our forthcoming road trip.  We make a lot of 3+ hour journeys, and our little ones are seasoned car travellers.  They are very good but sometimes boredom can hit and I wish I had some activities to keep them occupied.

I decided to re purpose some plastic zip wallets I had and turn them into Activity Kits for the car.  I will fill them with some colouring pages, crayons, flash cards and little snacks to keep them occupied.  I made them both one each using different colour vinyl so they can easily identify their own pack.

Poppy has the colours red and pink and Chester has blue and yellow.

I used the Amy Tan car from American Crafts (Design ID #46318) and the First Kiss font for Poppy and the Rockwell Extra Bold for Chester.

Once the vinyl was cut, I used transfer tape to move the design to the plastic pockets.  It wasn't the easiest surface to adhere the vinyl to, but with a work I got there in the end.

And here they are, ready to be filled with lots of activities for the long road trips.  It does not have to be specific to cars, you could create plane, train or just simply travel kits.

I have enjoyed sharing this simple project with you and look forward to sharing again soon.


Amy Tan Car by American Crafts Design ID# 46318
First Kiss Font
Rockwell Extra Bold Font


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo


  1. Ooh, so useful (and not just for the kids)!

  2. Great idea. Are we there yet?!

  3. They were so excited to use them! I left them in their seats and added some fun snacks in. Occupied for the entire trip! X