Saturday, 13 August 2016

Changing a Cut File to A Multi Coloured Sketch File

Hello, Karen here.  Now it's no secret that I love the sketch pen facility on my cameo and many, many of my projects incorporate it.  I often use it to add a little detail with faux stitching but thought I would like to challenge myself to create a layout which only uses sketch pens and a photo!

You will need:
1 piece of 12 x 12 smooth white card
Sketch pens
Photo 3 ins wide and 2 ins tall.

STEP 1 - Creating your multi-coloured title.

  • Open the subway art and resize to 11ins x 6 ins. 

  • I wanted to thicken my lines slightly so on the 'OFFSET' menu chose 'Internal Offset' and changed the settings to 0.001.

  • Now for the fun bit, choosing the colours for my pens.  To make it clear which pens I need I am going to change the colours of each word to the corresponding pen colour.
  • In the MODIFY menu choose 'Release' to separate the letters and then group the letters for each word. 

  • You will need to select each word and group again as the offset letters are separate to the word at the moment. 
  • Select each word in turn and use the LINE COLOUR WINDOW to change the colour of the word to the colour of your choice. 

STEP 2 - Creating your frame.
  • Open the 'Flower Corner' file on a new page.  In the REPLICATE menu 'Duplicate Left' and in the ROTATE window rotate your design 180. Then ungroup it.  Select the stems, you will see from the screenshot that not all of the leaves are selected so you will have to select these too, and change the line colour to green. Once all the stems and leaves are green group these together.  The final objective is to have all colours in separate groups. 
  • Do the same for the remainder of the design. Group all and rotate the whole design 90 clockwise. 
  • Next, in the SCALE window, I unchecked the 'Lock Aspect' option and resized my design to 5ins wide and 4.75 ins tall. 

  • I added this to my title and also added the 'I Love You' doodle border then used the knife tool to remove some of the flourish line on the right of the words. I drew an 11.5 square and in the LINE STYLE WINDOW I changed the line to dashes to create faux stitching around my page. 

STEP 2 - Separating out your colours

  • Because of the steps you took earlier this should be a fairly easy procedure.
  • Ungroup your flower frame and group the red flowers with the two red words.  Do the same for all the remaining colours so that you have elements of the same colour grouped together. 

STEP 3 - Drawing Your Design

  • Align your white card accurately onto your cutting mat and load it into your Silhouette.  Change your cut settings to Sketch Pen. I also changed my settings to double cut to give my design a good depth of colour by being drawn four times. 

  • I started with my green pen so I removed all the other colours from my design.

  • I then changed my pen and drew each colour in turn.
I really enjoyed changing the designs to multi-coloured ones and can see myself using this again and again as I love the finished results.




  1. What a brilliant idea for a layout Karen. Love that your layout only requires sketch pens.

  2. Karen, are those the Glitter sketch pens you used? If so I need to get some!