Sunday, 14 August 2016

How to make a Birthday t-shirt with layered htv

We recently came back from a trip to Antalya where we stayed at an all inclusive hotel. One of the things we could eat all day long was ice cream. Usually she's allowed dessert and sweets only on Saturdays and special occasion, but on this trip she was free to eat whenever she wanted. So you can imagine her joy! Her world started with ice cream and ended with ice cream! Thats why I thought of having an ice cream themed birthday for her which included a birthday t-shirt!

This was my first time doing layered heat transfer vinyl and it was much easier than I thought it would be! So don't be scared if you've never done it before, hopefully this tutorial will help you.

Supplies needed:

Glitter heat transfer vinyl
Assorted colors heat transfer vinyl
Silhouette Cameo/portrait/curio

Preparing your design:

First you want to do is measure your tshirt. And have the width and length of the space you want to put your design on. 

Using the LW Bubble letter font, make the number 3. 
In another window, open your ice cream design. 

What I usually like to do is assemble the design so I can see how it will look like. 
I also placed it beside the number, and colored it in the vinyl colors I have, so I see how to cut the design so it looks good.

Now duplicate this design. And put the original on the side. The duplicate, remove all the colors from it and do a second duplicate. 

Now we want to remove the extra bits that the vinyl will cover. So duplicate the whole design one more time. And starting with the letter three. Group the ice cream design and select it with the number, then use the substract option to remove the ice cream shape. 

Using the first duplicated color free design, duplicate the waffle pattern on the cone.

Select the waffle design and the cone and substract.

Now duplicate the first scoop of ice cream. 
Place the first scoop where you want to have it on the cone and subtract. 
Group the design together.
You will need to do the same technique with the rest of the scoops till you're done with the cherry.

Now cut each design using the correct vinyl settings. Heatpress or iron on your design on the tshirt using the settings that the vinyl supplier has provided.

The end result, is a cute tshirt for a ice cream loving baby girl!]




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