Saturday, 20 August 2016

How to print and cut - Stickers for Teachers

Hi!, Bev here with a tutorial on how to make these lovely stickers that would be a fab addition to any teachers stationery stash.

What you will need:
  • Silhouette Cameo/Portrait
  • Silhouette White Sticker Paper
  • Printer and ink 
Step One

Using the pencil design from the Silhouette design store and resize as required.  I chose a width of 1.5 inches.  I also rotated the pencil so it was on its side.

Zoom in on the screen and ungroup the design.  Use the fill options to colour in the pencil (go wild with colour if you want to, it is completely your choice!)  The elements will be separated so once coloured, move from right to left using the arrows on your keypad to move the design into one piece.

Step Two

The next step is to add the text.  Use the text tool to write what you would like the stickers to say.  I chose the CutiePie font as it is playful and looks nice on stickers.  Use the fill boxes once more to colour the wording and remember to check 'no cut' on the cut settings (this goes for the pencil too)

Move the text to the top of the pencil and select all.  Choose the offset tool and set the distance at 0.05 with round edges.  I used a 0.03 on these stickers and I wish I would have used a slightly bigger one. I also changed the offset line to no colour in the line tool box. Ensure that only the outline is set to cut and select the correct settings for white sticker paper.

Once you have your first sticker designed, use the replicate tool to make a sheet full of the same design.

I drew a rounded corner rectangle around half of the stickers and repeated this on the bottom half of the sheet.  Use a different colour for these boxes as we will use the Advanced cut settings to cut these through the sheet (the stickers will be kiss cut, meaning they can be peeled easily from the backing sheet)

Step Three:

Send your design to the printer and print the sheet.  Once printed go to the cut settings box and choose advanced.  This will bring up a box with the colours of the outlines and you can decide the settings.

You can add custom settings at the bottom of the page, but the settings I used for these stickers are as follows
  • Stickers to be kiss cut - Blade 2, Speed 4, Thickness 7
  • Outline Cut - Blade 2, Speed 4, Thickness 20
Send to the silhouette and then wait for all of the cuts to be made.  Once finished you can peel the two sets of stickers from the mat and you are finished!

 I have really enjoyed sharing this tutorial with you and look forward to seeing lots of sticker creations made by you all!


Font - LW Cutie Pie
Pencil by Sweet Afton Design ID# 20485


Light hold cutting mat for Cameo

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  1. A lovely set of stickers and a useful tutorial on how to re-colour elements for print and cut.